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Why Paper?

Paper Packaging for a Cleaner World

Why Paper? Maybe the better question is Why Not Paper?

Paper has been our go-to source when looking for a recyclable, sustainable, and renewable product, however, we have not had the right technology to use as a reliable packaging source to replace various plastic options until now. 

Paper People Recyclable paper bag for potatos

Paper Packaging Solutions for a Happy Planet

These are a few reasons why paper should be your first choice when it comes to your packaging needs.

  • Paper is a recyclable, sustainable, renewable resource, with a ready-made recycling stream, high consumer confidence, and is universally recognized as a “green package”.
  • Paper for produce offers superior light protection, has natural absorption characteristics, and can be automated for efficient production.
  • Paper has a large international network of manufacturers ensuring constant supply with manageable market fluctuation.
  • Paper is the new buzzword in packaging with accelerated innovation unseen in prior substrates.
  • Paper is now very competitive with plastics due to innovation in fiber strength and “stretchable” products that improve package integrity.
  • Most major retailers are asking for paper solutions to replace plastics and laminated structures.
  • Many countries are eliminating or taxing single-use plastics in favor of paper.
  • Paper can be adapted to existing automated packaging lines such as form fill seals, stand-up pouches, and wickets, keeping the cost of change from plastics to paper affordable.
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Pouches and roll-stock made from all-natural wood pulp!
100% paper.


Our mesh is made from natural plant fibers and is 100% recyclable! Our mesh showcases your product while allowing it to breathe.

Easy to Integrate

No new packaging line! Our proprietary pouch structure is designed to run on your current high-speed filling equipment.