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The Earth is worth working for – Meet the Paper People

Who are the Paper People?

The Paper People LLC management team has more than 150 years of combined experience in the packaging industry.

This diverse group of entrepreneurial thinkers brings experience in paper, corrugated, plastics, laminating, printing, converting, and distribution to the table to reengineer and reinvent the sustainable packaging options in the market.

Earth in the hand of a person

Industry Leaders in Paper Packaging

The company was established in 2019 as a result of a pressing retail demand for an automated, 100 percent recyclable/compostable package in the United States. Armed with industry-leading technology and partners, The Paper People LLC is uniquely positioned to establish a leading role in the developing sustainable global packaging industry.

Neil Bretl and Mark Resch of The Paper People

Meet the Founders

More about the mission, credibility, and people behind the paper people.

Paper People Recyclable paper bag for potatos


Pouches and roll-stock made from all-natural wood pulp!
100% paper.


Our mesh is made from natural plant fibers and is 100% recyclable! Our mesh showcases your product while allowing it to breathe.

Easy to Integrate

No need to invest in a new packaging line! Our proprietary pouch structure is designed to run on your current high-speed filling equipment.

Product Applications

Paper Packaging Solutions for a Happy Planet

When designing your new package have you ever asked the question “What if?” At The Paper People, we ask ourselves that question every day and our answer is always, “Why not!”

If you are ready to take the step forward into a 100% recyclable, automated paper package, then you’ve come to the right people; The Paper People!

Our new patent-pending, heat-sealable paper packaging offers you the ability to move into the age of truly sustainable packaging without compromising your bottom line.

Developed with several major retailers over the past two years, The Paper People’s innovative new packaging gives you visibility, high graphics, automation, recyclability, compostability, and a host of packaging designs that were once only available in plastics. The best part is it will run on your existing equipment without major changes or requirements for expensive paper-only equipment.

Whether you require vertical form fill and seal, stand-up pouch, quad seal, or horizontal seals, The Paper People has an innovative heat-sealable paper package that’s just right for you. Bridge the sustainable environmental gap that until now was unattainable.

Contact us today and let us show you how paper packaging can reduce your carbon footprint in the world!